100% Unconditional Satisfaction Warranty

Customer Satisfaction is our highest priority. We are dedicated to providing high quality service to your mass flow controller. If you are not completely satisfied with the operation of your mass flow controller, serviced by our specialist, we warrant its repair at no labor charge.

Along with our 100% Customer Satisfaction Warranty goes our trust in our customer’s integrity. We trust our customer’s judgment in the determination of a warranty repair and we sincerely hope this trust shall never be abused.

Please note that the average lifetime of a mass flow controller is not forever! Proper purging, installation, use of correct gas and appropriate operating pressure are vital to the maximum life of your mass flow controller. Also with certain gases (such as HCl, BCl3, Cl2 and SiH4) the average life expectancy of a mass flow controller is decreased due to the corrosive and/or clogging nature of the gas used. We trust you to consider these factors when requesting a warranty repair.

We solicit feedback from all our customers for our continuous improvement process.