Clean and Calibration Procedure

  • The mass flow controller is received and visually inspected for damage.
  • The mass flow controller is logged into our computer, which generates a worksheet displaying the proper standard and applicable calibration data.
  • If requested, pre-calibration data is taken and graphed per customer request (additional fee).
  • The mass flow controller is disassembled and chemically and ultrasonically cleaned.
  • All seals are replaced and the mass flow controller is re-assembled
  • The sensor current and bypass adjustments are made.
  • All electronic/mechanical adjustments required to meet the customer specifications are made.
  • The mass flow controller is tested for long-term drift.
  • Calibration is performed at each calibration point with a calibration cover installed.
  • Pre-shipment leak testing to the manufacturer’s specifications is performed.
  • A Certificate of Calibration summarizing the calibration data and repair report is generated for your analysis and records.

Packaging and Shipping

  • The mass flow controller is doubled bagged in anti-static sleeving, and sealed. (All removed parts are sealed and returned in a separate bag).
  • The mass flow controller is then, double wrapped with bubble wrapping, boxed and packed with Styrofoam.
We utilize a unique (100% in-process) Quality Control System. Our Clean & Calibration procedures are divided into (4) processes:
(1) Cleaning, (2) Assembly, (3) Calibration and, (4) Shipping
Each process is inspected for defects or faults before it is transferred to the next station.